Vermont Racial Justice Alliance

The Vermont Racial Justice Alliance is under the leadership of a people-of-color led Steering Committee and assisted by a network of individuals and organizations across Vermont.

We advocate for the implementation of State and local policy with of our collective strength, voice and leadership. We also provide a variety of community forums, panels and lectures to enable community members to gain an understanding of the issues and provide input and perspective on important related policies.

Our focus is on mitigating the direct impact and dismantling the root (systemic) origins of racism in Vermont.  We are placing a priority on policies that generally affect change across a broad spectrum, including housing, education, employment, health services and economic development and the criminal justice system.

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*Released November 12, 2019

Vermont Act 193, 2014 requires all law enforcement agencies to collect traffic stop racegender and age data. The location of data collected by the 79 agencies is largely unknown and the data are incomplete, inconsistent and fails the essence of the purpose of the law. The purpose of the data collection was to address what we know to be systemic racism. The intent was clearly to provide the community the ability to measure progress while holding law enforcement accountable. We have developed the first Statewide Race Traffic Stop Data Dashboard (DTSD 1.0) through a grass roots effort. This enables community to view the progress all 79 agencies in a user-friendly manner.

Vermont Race Traffic Stop Data Dashboard

Version 1.2 Update released Jan 7th, 2020 – New charts showing Search and Contraband “Hit” rates and more.

We welcome your suggestions and feedback on enhancing these charts and adding new ones. Please write us at

We will continue to update the RTSD Dashboard in moving forward. Our plans include additional justice system data and beyond, as we continue to develop our development strategy and roadmap.

Credits to P. Autilio for development and Drs. S. Seguino and N. Brooks for research

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